Doctoring Philosophy

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Let�s Interact

I was chatting the other day with my partner in Crime in many things academic and blogstatic is, who, for simplicity of notation, we will simply call PartnerInCrime. We got to talking about the fantastic pseudo-science (and ultimately where all your taxpayer money goes to die, via the NSF) that is Human Computer Interaction.

PartnerInCrime: Incidentally have you ever been to an HCI (Human Computer Interaction) )research talk before?
PhilosophyDoctor: you mean like a "Miracles in Flash Demo"? otherwise known as "we worship the FALSE Gods in Media Labs"?
PartnerInCrime: LOL was so mind numbingly SKETCHY and everyone was incredibly impressed. all the HCI people atleast
PhilosophyDoctor: Flash'll do that to you each time, and awesome ergonomic font
PartnerInCrime: and this man is going to win a best thesis award from Cashcow Moneybags U CS, its ridiculous
PhilosophyDoctor: goes to show what Cashcow Moneybags U CS stands for. And they make an ENTIRE school for it
PhilosophyDoctor: true.. like it is not good enough to simply let them be a department. They should make an entire school around HCI now.
PhilosophyDoctor: haha
PartnerInCrime: well they are also a dept...the CS dept within the CS school where do these people get off
PhilosophyDoctor: its so... Russian doll
[much mirth]
PhilosophyDoctor: apparently, whoever funds them goes "gee whiz...graaaphics"
PartnerInCrime: anyways the aforementioned person is touring the stud CS schools for fac. positions
PartnerInCrime: I believe he is also coming to StateSchool, so if you get the opportunity go sneer at his "work"
PhilosophyDoctor: lol...that would be awesome i could send representatives in my absence. So what IS his thesis?
PartnerInCrime: All he does is place sensors in a room and then uses Statistics to find out which correlate highly with how busy the occupants are
PhilosophyDoctor [Having read the abstracts of a couple of papers]: hahaha... he has something called a Wizard of Oz approach
PartnerInCrime: I know....its "Top down" instead of "bottom up"
PhilosophyDoctor: i guess the appropriate response to him at State U would be... Judy, you ain't in Kansas no more.
PartnerInCrime: LOL.... hahahahaha.... ROTFL